Cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung Galaxy S5 shell 'Tough' (Navy)
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Samsung Galaxy S5 cover

Discover our selection of high quality shock-resistant cases for the latest high-end Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

With its 5.1 inch touchscreen, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has its important place amongst your personal belongings. has chosen for you, ultra-thin case models for the Galaxy S5, as well as high-end wallet-style cases to be able to keep what is essential on you, while fully protecting your Samsung phone. If you are looking for a high level of protection, opt for Urban Armor Gear and OtterBox protective cases, which guarantee you resistance to increased shock, thanks to their strengthened edges.

The brand Case-Mate brings a feminine touch to fashion, regarding protection for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Find our collection of sophisticated cases, sparkly, glittery and chrome, at the best price.