Cases for iPhone SE

It is 3 and a half years since the iPhone 5S was released, Apple are now looking to refresh this little 4 inch iPhone with the new iPhone SE, brought up to date with the technical specifics of the iPhone 6S.

Good news for fans of smartphone cases: iPhone SE cases are the same as for the iPhone 5 and 5S! Get your old cases out of your drawers, or enjoy the chance of getting trendy cases you haven't yet had the opportunity to put on your phone!


Wallet-style case for iPhone SE/5/5S in brown leather
-15 %
Case for iPhone SE/5/5S 'Vintage Floral' fabric (Black)
-30 %
iPhone SE/5/5S Cover wood 'Sai Sai'

24,90 € 19,90 €

Case for iPhone SE/5/5S leather flap (Black)
-10 %

29,99 € 26,99 € Out of stock

Case for iPhone SE/5/5S leather flap (Brown)

29,99 € Out of stock

iPhone 5/5S Cover 'Ara'

19,00 €

iPhone SE/5/5S Cover Scout (Black)

29,90 €

Case for iPhone SE/5/5S 'Vintage Floral' fabric (Blue)
-30 %

The iPhone SE, a centre of technology in a mini model

A lot of functionalities will be added to the iPhone SE compared with the iPhone 5S, but opposite to the iPhone 6S, there will be no 3D Touch. However, it is possible to film in 4K with the iPhone SE, thanks to a 12-megapixel sensor.

Through its new iPhone, the Apple brand wants to offer a smaller and even more accessible iPhone, that is cheaper than the current iPhone 6S.

Quality and compatible iPhone SE cases

Have you ever had the chance to enjoy the iPhone 5 model and its small size, so practical for day-to-day use? Thanks to the new iPhone SE, benefit from its mini size, its mini price and its maximum functionality! With the same dimensions as the iPhone 5 and 5S, iPhone 5 cases are compatible with the iPhone SE. The chance for you to enjoy the magnificent iPhone cases that have already been created for this previous model.