Cases for iPhone 6 and 6S

Find the most beautiful selection of trendyiPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases at to adorn your iPhone with the best protection. From the shock-resistant to the trendy iPhone 6 case, there is absolutely an iPhone 6 type of protection to suit your style!


iPhone 7 case flip leather (Brown)

29,99 € 24,99 €

Case for iPhone 7/6/6S card holder (Black)
-10 %

59,99 € 53,99 €

Cover for iPhone 6/6S leather 'Pouch' (Black)
-10 %

34,99 € 31,49 €

iPhone 7 case card holder leather (Black)
-10 %

45,00 € 40,50 €

Case for iPhone 7/6/6S leather card holder (Brown)
-10 %
Case for iPhone 7/6/6S card holder (Pinky-beige)
-10 %
Case for iPhone 7/6/6S card holder (Beige)
-10 %

45,00 € 40,50 €

iPhone 7 /6S/6 case card holders 'Stashback' (Black)
-20 %
Case for iPhone 6/6S wood 'Teak'

19,00 € 14,00 €

Case for iPhone 7/6/6S shock-proof 'Naked' (Transparent)
-30 %
Case for iPhone 6/6S wood 'Ebony' (White)
-35 %

19,00 € 12,35 €

Case for iPhone 6/6S 'Rose Wood' wood

19,00 € 14,00 €

Case for iPhone 6/6S (Bird With Full Moon)
-50 %

19,00 € 9,50 €

Case for iPhone 7/6/6S 'Karat' (Rose gold)
-30 %

49,99 € 34,99 €

iPhone 6 case and cover, compatible with the iPhone 6S

Find the most beautiful, original selection of iPhone 6 and 6S cases as to adorn your iPhone and protect it from everyday hazards. From the shock-resistant case to the leather, wallet-style case, via high quality,ultra-thin patterned protection, and even 100% natural wooden cases! Find the iPhone 6/6S case that matches your needs. Apart from their design, their shock-resistant properties and their various functionalities, our cases will undoubtedly make your iPhone stand out, while protecting it and making it look pretty.
A real technological gem, the iPhone 6 is the flagship smartphone from the brand Apple, with its iPhone 6S version and its 3D Touch system. You have waited long enough, and here you go, this iPhone is now in your hands. Think about protecting it as best you can from everyday hazards, by equipping it with a quality case, worthy of its value!
From the ultra-thin case to the shock-resistant case, find THE iPhone 6 case that matches you. If you love your iPhone 6's finesse, and if you are used to sliding it into your pocket easily, you'll prefer a case that is quite thin to limit your iPhone's level of thickness. Native Union CLIC Air cases are perfectly suited to this need, with a thickness of less than 1.2mm. Otherwise, Pango patterned cases are all there, thin, with a fashionable design. Conversely, if you have the tendency to drop your phone and you want this new iPhone to last you a bit longer than before, we recommend a shock-resistant case for your iPhone 6. The brand Urban Armor Gear and the brand Case-Mate, with its Tough range, will effectively protect your iPhone 6 against falls and shocks. To perfect your iPhone's protection, we advise you to add, on top of your protective screen, a shock-resistant screen protector. Compatible with the 3D Touch, this tempered glass takes the impact of significant shocks and can save your screen's life and prevent you from needing to replace it.
And because protecting your iPhone 6 does not mean making it less appealing, Pango has selected original, stylish, trendy cases, which will allow you to stand out and adorn your iPhone with colours to match your look.

iPhone 6 case experience

The Pango team takes the quality of its products very seriously, as well as its customers' expectations. In this regard, we look to satisfy your most detailed requirements concerning protecting your iPhone 6/6S, whether this be with cases or other things. Since our customers' opinions interest us, and help us, in particular to improve what we offer daily, we are putting a testimony online, that comes from a Pango customer, Estelle, who wants to share her user experience with us and our customers. She bought a CLIC Wooden case by Native Union for her iPhone 6 on our website:
"Hello, I have just bought a case for my smartphone, an iPhone 6, on the Pango website. And let me tell you, when I got it in my hands, I was delighted! I hesitated at the beginning, between this case and a classic case, which looked quite ordinary. My first idea was to protect my iPhone 6 more than investing in a fashion accessory. I browsed for a good time on the Pango website, finding a great range (almost too great, actually) of cases and so on, to protect my iPhone 6. When I saw that most protection for the iPhone 6 was compatible with the iPhone 6S, I was pleasantly surprised! Finally, I opted for the wooden case from Native Union, CLIC Wooden. This totally matches my expectations in terms of a protective case for my smartphone. A good match for my iPhone 6's shape, it allows me to freely access the side controls of my phone, while protecting it from shocks and falls... Speaking about falls, a little time after putting the Native Union case on my iPhone 6, I subconsciously put it down on the edge of the table, while I was sorting something else out, there you go, a bad move on my part, making it fall onto the floor. I expected to find it broken on the ground, but there was none of this, my iPhone 6 did not crash, worked perfectly well, and the case remained intact! Let me tell you, I have never known a protective case for the iPhone 6 as effective as this one... That said, the CLIC Wooden protective case does not protect my iPhone's screen, fortunately it didn't fall on this side... However, it gives you very good protection! At the beginning, the idea of protecting my iPhone 6 with a wooden case seemed strange to me, I've never heard anyone talk about this... Another great surprise: this protective case looks really good! I find it really classy, simple, fashionable, light... And modern! So, I cannot fault this CLIC Wooden case from Native Union. Thanks Pango! "

A protective leather case for your iPhone 6!

Do you know of any protective leather cases for the iPhone 6/6S? A luxurious material giving a certain charm to your smartphone, while giving it character and incredible protection against shocks and falls! KNOMO, SENA or HEX are flagship brands from Pango, combining comfort and robustness.
For the slim version of the protective case, choose SENA. Your iPhone 6/6S will be perfectly protected from its environment, thank to the containing shape of this case. However, you will not have access to your iPhone 6/6S's side controls.
Your smartphone will not take up more space in your pocket, and will be protected!
KNOMO is the brand that will delight all fans of the 2-in-1! In addition to protecting your iPhone 6/6S, it has the integrated wallet-style option! Gain space, organisation and take care of your electronic friend. Available in several colours, the KNOMO protective case should absolutely suit you! In addition, the flap, used as a card holder, also protects the smartphone's screen, and handling this protective case is very comfortable.
HEX protection is the one that blends realism, authenticity and protection. Crafted in woven leather, looking like snakeskin, it enables quick and easy access to the controls on both sides of the iPhone 6. However, this is not compatible with the iPhone 6S. A case that is, all the same, very functional, as it has the same features as the KNOMO brand: a card holder option!