Cases for iPhone 4 and 4S


iPhone 4/4S cover, leather (black)

14,90 €

iPhone 4/4S cover, 'Parrot'

19,00 €

iPhone 4/4S cover, 'Toucan'

19,00 €

iPhone 4/4S cover, 'Fairy'

19,00 €

iPhone 4/4S cover, 'Raau'

19,00 €

iPhone 4S case

Released in 2010, the iPhone 4 is still and more than ever present in our pockets! With a design that is still current, the Apple smartphone is far from having breathed its last breath. Pango offers you to adorn your iPhone 4 with original, trendy and still best quality cases.

Changing your iPhone 4 case is not only about renewing a used protective shell, which has perhaps already time and again, proved itself. This is also the time to give a new look to your iPhone 4 with an original case. You have perhaps already noticed: changing your iPhone's protective case gives you the impression of having changed your phone in some way. Some scientific studies have even shown that this is good for your morale (yes, truly)! So, don't hesitate to change your iPhone 4 case, depending on your look or your mood. People often say that our smartphone is an extension of ourselves, so dress it with some lovely clothes!