Cases for Surface Pro 4

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 is a large tablet, which can replace your laptop. With its 12.3 inch screen, the Surface Pro 4 tablet can be accompanied with a keyboard or a stylus, which gives it excellent versatility in all your tasks. Intended to come with on all your travels, thanks to its great mobility, think about protecting it with a quality case at

A protective case for the Surface Pro 4, suited to your needs

The great strength of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 resides in its capacity to adapt to all situations, whether for work or for leisure. Whether you use it at the office or when travelling in laptop mode, or in graphics tablet mode thanks to its active stylus, or simply in classic handheld tablet mode. Very mobile, this tablet is made to go everywhere with you. It must therefore be sufficiently protected in the event of a fall, while preserving its functionalities which are specific to it.

Protection which adheres to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4's functionalities

The Surface Pro 4 is equipped with a support: a metal stand that enables it to be held in a reading position when you use the tablet with the keyboard. Pango offers you cases for the Surface Pro 4 from the brand Incipio and Trident, which keep this feature, thanks to a hinge that supports the stand's movement. In this way, you do not have to remove the protective case to re-position the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The other solution that the brand Urban Armor Gear has developed in its shock-resistant protective cases for the Surface Pro 4, has been to directly add a new aluminium stand to its cases. The brand thus produces one of the best shock-resistant protective items on the market for the Surface Pro 4, with protecting the tablet completely, thanks to its shock-absorbing core and its bumper. Our cases can almost all be used with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4's official keyboard. If this is actually not the case, the information is outlined in the product description.
The second useful functionality of protective cases for the Surface Pro 4: a pen holder to always keep this precious tool with your tablet. Indeed, like any pen, the tablet's stylus can tend to be lost or be forgotten, which can be quite annoying when you need this accessory during the workday. The brands Incipio and UAG have thought about everything, by adding a pen holder into their cases, and a special compartment for the stylus in their covers for the Surface Pro 4.
With its very wide screen, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is an excellent demonstration tool for professionals, but all the same, it is heavy when held in one single hand. Listening lots to the needs of professionals, the brand Incipio has thus also developed a tablet, mainly intended for this use. It allows you to transport the Surface Pro 4 by hand in total security thanks to a swivel handle. Or even with a strap, when you are not using it, also accompanied with an interchangeable support stand.

Test case for the Surface Pro 4: the brand Incipio

At Pango, we have tested Incipio's nylon "Ord" protective cover, and we are sharing our user experience. Firstly, this cover for the Surface Pro 4 is very light, it almost does not add any weight to your tablet. Regarding the material and the feel, this cover is very pleasant, it has a protective nylon coating and a faux fur interior lining, which gives it a great softness. No scratches appear on the tablet when you open or close the cover. This cover is equipped with an outside pocket, allowing you to take accessories like cables with you, wherever you go, as well as a storage space, especially provided for the stylus! It is available in different colours, such as purple, blue, black and red. The Incipio "Ord" Surface Pro 4 cover is compatible with the Surface Pro 3. Within the same brand, you can find different models: Capture, Feather and Roosevelt, to protect your Surface Pro 3 or 4 tablet.