Carrying cases for laptops and tablets

A range of bags which protect your tablets and laptops. Have you dreamed about it? Pango has selected stylish, sturdy and, in particular, very practical bags for your travels.

MacBook sleeve 12 leather (Black)
-15 %

79,99 € 67,99 €

Sleeve Macbook Pro Retina 13" leather (Black)
-10 %

89,99 € 80,99 €

EO Travel' backpack (grey)

279,90 €

13" laptop sleeve (Vichy multicoloured)
-35 %

35,00 € 22,75 €

Cover bag 'Apache' (Red)

49,00 €

Laptop compartment bags

Pangocase has selected a range of bags, equipped with protective compartments for your tablets and laptops. Discover the best brands, especially Incase, Herschel, KNOMO, Pijama, Be.ez, Dandy Nomad and Computer Apparel, which design covers, bags, backpacks, handbags equipped with a laptop compartment. Stylish and sturdy, this range of bags is very practical for your travels.

A broad selection of bags for tablets and laptops

Covers, pouches, satchels, backpacks or suitcases on wheels, discover a very complete selection of on-trend bags to accompany your travels. has selected a range of quality bags, especially designed to protect your tablets and laptops. Each product from the bags selection is equipped with special compartments, but also very practical storage. Whether for the day or for a few days, be sure to discover the real gem that meets your needs.

The best brands of bags can be found at Pango

Discover Incase, a reliable, very trendy name, which offers a collection of covers, satchels, backpacks and Easyjet-friendly suitcases, in various colours and of great quality. Are you looking for something original? Computer Apparel offers very practical "zipped hoodie" and "V-neck T-shirt"-style cotton covers, in an original design, to be discovered absolutely exclusively at Pango! Computer Apparel backpacks are equipped with special laptop storage and rain covers. The 100% cotton range is machine-washable, like clothes. Pijama offers neoprene covers on gingham material, with stripes, this Milanese brand offers a range of coloured and stylish material covers! Discover plenty of other brands, like Wenger, the real all-rounder for bags, or HEX, a very trendy brand.

Pouches, satchels, backpacks for all uses

Do you want more than a cover? Find a satchel or pouch for your daily travels. Have you thought about a special laptop backpack? Practical and comfortable for your repeat journeys, the backpack is a good choice for your health. Incase and HEX offer you a collection of bags that are in keeping with the times and very fashionable. Are you going somewhere for a few days or a week? Discover our "Business Trip" backpack, or EO Travel suitcases with wheels from Incase. Whatever your wishes and needs, find what you want at!