Cases iPad Mini 4

Released in September 2015, at the same time as its big brother, the iPad Pro, the iPad mini 4 is the compact version of the very famous iPad. With its 7.9 inch screen, this mini tablet can be held between the thumb and index finger. Version 4 of the iPad mini achieves a ridiculous thickness of 6.1mm and a weight of only 299 grams. A centre of technology that you can easily slide into your hands, for which we offer you our quality cases to protect it.

Leather case for iPad Mini 4 SmartCover (Brown)
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Cover iPad mini Folio (Vichy multicolor)
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Folio case for iPad Mini 4, shock-resistant (Red)

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Leather case for iPad Mini 4 SmartCover (Red)

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IPad mini Folio Case (Red Stripe)

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Folio case for iPad Mini 4 shock-resistant (Blue)

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Leather case for iPad Mini 4 SmartCover (Black)

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Housse iPad Mini Beez (Noir-Vert)

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An iPad mini 4, easy to transport to be protected well with a suitable case

The fourth version of this iPad mini reaches the peaks of finesse and lightness. With impressive technical features, take your mini iPad tablet everywhere with you easily. Answering your emails, playing games, booking a ticket or taking photos, this versatile little tablet is THE everyday companion which slides easily into your handbag or your jacket pocket. However, on the condition that you protect it well. Indeed, accidents happen quickly: you are in a rush, you get your iPad mini 4 out of your pocket a bit quicker than usual, and it slides out of your hands. A case for your iPad mini 4 is therefore strongly recommended.

iPad mini 4 cases for every need

At Pango, find the selection of bespoke protection for your iPad mini 4. From the shock-resistant case to the trendy protective cover, choose the protective cover suited to your needs. amongst the brands at Pango, discover the brand Moshi, a specialist in high-end protective cases for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Their Versacover case with its transparent protective case and its "origami" type flap, allows you to effectively protect your iPad mini 4, whilst keeping its design. Now, are you travelling more often? Choose an Urban Armor Gear shock-resistant case, or the Cyclops case from the brand Trident. With their design, intended to sustain maximum shock, these protective cases are ideal for making your iPad mini 4 unbreakable.

If you like taking your iPad mini 4 everywhere with you, but do not want to add any additional thickness to keep its finesse, you can choose a protective cover for tablets. The brand Pijama offers covers with a padded interior and a high quality Italian material exterior. To take your essential iPad mini 4 accessories with you, the ideal thing remains to be the Knomad organiser case from the brand KNOMO. This super-functional all-in-one item allows you to store your iPad mini with your recharging and syncing cables, your recharging battery, your credit cards, and even your pen. On balance, everyone needs protection, the most durable is still to be decided!