Cases for iPad Air 2

Find all our protective cases for the new iPad Air 2, new design, new functionalities, the iPad Air 2 stands out from its predecessor with its golden edges, particularly regarding the Home button, which shows that the tablet is equipped with Touch ID technology. From the ultra-thin case with a multi-functional flap, to the ultra-resistant, shock-resistant case, equip your new tablet depending on your needs and what you do.

iPad Air 2 Cover - Leather (Brown)

39,00 €

iPad 2 folio case Air 'Clarion' (Black)
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34,90 € 27,92 €

iPad Air 2 SmartCover Case - Leather (Red)
-15 %

69,99 € 59,49 €

iPad Air 2 SmartCover Case - Leather (Grey)
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iPad Air 2 SmartCover Case - Leather (Black)
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69,99 € 61,59 € Out of stock

iPad Air 2 Folio Case - 'Butterfly' (Red)
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iPad Air 2 SmartCover Case - Leather (Brown)
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69,99 € 62,99 € Out of stock

iPad Air 2 Case - Leather - (Black)

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iPad Air 2 Folio Case - 'Butterfly' (Beige)

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tempered glass for iPad Air / Air 2

29,90 € Out of stock

iPad Air 2 Case - Leather (Pink)

39,00 €

iPad Air/Air 2 'StyleFolio' Case (Pink)

39,95 € Out of stock

iPad Air 2 Folio Case - 'Butterfly' (Gold)

29,99 € Out of stock

iPad Air 2 Folio Case - Shock-proof (Black)

49,95 € Out of stock

Apple iPad Air 2 Cover - 'Octane' (Black)

34,90 € Out of stock

iPad Air 2 Folio Case - 'Butterfly' (Black)

29,99 € Out of stock

New iPad Air 2 products

Released in 2014, the iPad Air 2 benefits from small changes compared with the iPad Air. From an aesthetic point of view, the new Apple tablet stands out with a golden design, particularly on the Home button, which is encircled by a golden aluminium ring. This latest iPad is equipped with Touch ID technology, which allows you to unlock your iPad with the touch of your finger on the Home button. The iPad Air 2 is also slightly thinner and lighter than its predecessor, the iPad Air. Other than the technical improvements on the main equipment, the iPad tablet is also equipped with a better camera with an 8-megapixel sensor. The tablet's screen also has an anti-reflection coating, which improves comfort when reading on the tablet, even when there is bright light.

Protective, bespoke, quality cases for your iPad Air 2

As regards accessories, the tablet has the option of being connected to accessories with Bluetooth connectivity, like wireless speakers and other connected items. naturally, we find classic accessories like chargers and syncing cables with a Lightning connector.

With its 6.1mm thickness, the essential accessory is still the protective case for tablets. In addition to effectively protecting your iPad Air 2, certain protective cases have additional functionalities, which improve your comfort when using your tablet. In particular, we think about the Smart Cover screen protection, a real classic for iPad tablets, which are well-known protective cases. The Smart Cover is a flap, which, once folded, immediately supports your iPad and allows you to hold your tablet at an angle which improves comfort when looking at the screen, when you are watching a video or browsing photos. The brands Speck, Jisoncase, KNOMO and Golla offer cases with a flap for the iPad Air 2 that folds back on itself. The brand Moshi is also developing more developed, quality Smart Cover models, with bends which enable more varied angles to suit all situations (reading, typing on the keyboard, portrait mode, etc.).

From shock-resistant to ultra-thin, choose your iPad Air 2 case well

In order to choose your protection for your iPad Air 2, you must first find what you like! Indeed, if the case is functional but you don't like it, you risk getting tired of it all after a while. Fortunately, Pango has selected original, stylish, aesthetic and quality cases for you. So, this is an initial filter that we do for you, the rest depends on your tastes regarding protective case design. The second step is choosing a protective case for your iPad Air 2, suited to your use. Indeed, this depends on if you use your tablet only at the office, or if you take it with you when you go out where it could fall. To guarantee maximum protection, the brand Urban Armor Gear is perfect, with its highly increased level of protection, thanks to its shock-resistant bumper and its design intended to sustain many, many falls. To go further, and really take your iPad Air 2 anywhere, the brand LifeProof offers fully waterproof, shock-resistant cases, which will make your iPad Air 2 almost indestructible.

And to perfect your protection, think about the shock-resistant protective glass for the iPad Air 2, an additional tempered glass layer to put on your tablet's screen. Almost invisible once put on, this solid and anti-reflection additional protection will protect your screen from falls and scratches. Enjoy our deal for buying a protective case for your iPad Air 2, as the protective glass is at a reduced price!